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We don’t connect startups with tradition, but rather descriptiveness and IT, usually. Froc took a different path. The team used the Slovene tradition of woodworking, designed a practical and attractive product that will serve its purpose for at least 10 years, and they made a business out of it.

How did they find the right design, how often did they pivot – and WHY? When to chose a distributor and when to make your own online shop?

The answers to the questions will be revealed at relaxed debate with Matej Košir, founder at Froc, at the next INNOtalks #10 ABC Accelerator.

Join us on Thursday, 15 November, 9 AM for coffee, croissants and good company in ABC Accelerator! ☕🥐

INNOtaks is a series of events, happening every third Thursday at 8:00 in ABC Accelerator. It’s a great chance for all that wish to listen to some amazing stories of success and fails of successful individuals and companies. Find more info about the INNO project at
The event is organized under the project NUVOLAK2, financed by Interreg Europe, European Regional Development Fund.