INNOtalks #11: Chipolo: Where me keys? Where me phone?


Do you remember looking for your car keys in the morning? Or the frantic search for apartment keys when already for work or your date? Lost dog maybe? How about the forgotten phone? Classic, right? 🤯🔑

An average American spends 2.5 days/year looking for lost items and they collectively spend $2,7 *billion* for replacements.

Chipolo team had to look for their keys once too much, so they decided to build their own solution and Kickstart it. While they set up their goal to $15k, they reached $300k.

Is $15k really enough for a product launch? What are the TOP3 things for product development? Where to set up your production? How to make a great Kickstarter campaign? Are influencers really ‘make it or break it’?

FESTIVE INNOtalks EDITION: Join us for the last INNOtalks this year, when Chipolo will share their story, their tips and tricks. Bring a friend and we’ll bring cookies and mulled wine. 🍪☕

INNOtaks is a series of events, happening every third Thursday at 8:00 in ABC Accelerator. It’s a great chance for all that wish to listen to some amazing stories of success and fails of successful individuals and companies. Find more info about the INNO project at
The event is organized under the project NUVOLAK2, financed by Interreg Europe, European Regional Development Fund.